JOUSKA (2018)
password: jouska2018srs
psychological drama - director, editor, cameraperson, costume design
■A short art film about three very different characters who have hypothetical conversations facing the people they have problems with in their safe places and locations that represent their minds, only to be seen in the same bus sitting next to those people and it’s up to them if they face them in reality.
CollIsIon (2017)
latest sci-fi short film - cinematographer, editor, vfx
Password: renderingthecollision
website of my unofficial production:

(Poem adaptation of Ron Padgett) 
password: howtobeperfect-serasezer

MORBUM (2018)

Split screen short film + sound design project

cinematographer, picture editor, 

sound design supervisor, Russian news narrator 

AnxIety (2016)
5x5 Short Film
"I need you" (2016)
Remix Project (Editing project with found footage + 2 original sounds by me: bus atmosphere and voice) 
The sources of the videos are indicated in the credits. The videos do not belong to me. I edited the footage I found. 

The Ballad of Darkness (2017)
music video - director, editor, footage
Metamorphosis (2016)
dance film  - director, art director, editor
Ecchymosis (2017)
short horror film - director, cinematographer, editor
Vimeo Link
Password: dvpekimoz2017
(Still competing in festivals) 
Forgotten MemorIes and Darkness (2017) 
Post Production Project: Action Sequence
director, cinematographer, editor
AmélIe: Recut thrıller TraIler (2017)
Post-production project made by scenes of the film Amelie. 
COLLISION - Space GraphIcs (2017)
Post-production project and future short film planning.
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